Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today has been a great day It is amazing what a good night of rest will do for a person. With Stella staying over at Gigi and Pappi's house Rhett only got up once last night and my husband was superman and took that shift. I got almost nine hours of sleep and I feel like a new person.

We hung out at Gigi and Pappi's this afternoon and Gigi and I even got to go and see a movie. we saw Leap Year and it was such a good movie. We even ran into two of my friends Tina and Melissa. I guess great minds think a like!

Gigi had made a brisket for dinner and it was so good. My brother got her the Pioneer Women's cookbook for Christmas and we have been getting some great meals out of it. I am thinking that was the goal when he bought it for her, I mean he is only a little spoiled! I have to say that both of my kids have blue eyes but they are two totally different colors and I think they are both so beautiful. Of course I am their mother and think everything about them is precious. (Well, everything but their dirty diapers, those I really could do with out!)