Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daddy's Sidekick

My children are blessed to have an amazing father. You know that he can do no wrong in their little eyes because whatever he is doing they always want to be in on it. Tonight Jason was working on the yukon and Cy decided that he needed to help out. I love the fact that Jason does not even think twice about lifting him up there and showing him what he is doing, stopping and taking a moment no matter what to just be with his son, it is just part of what makes him a wonderful daddy to our kids. 
 It was a pretty deep conversation, Cy was saying how HOT he was getting riding in a car that had no AC.
 Trying to figure out how to fix it.
 I think that Cy found the problem!
Daddy told him that he would get it fixed fast!

Friday, September 13, 2013

What I want to be when I grow up...

a dancer, an artist, and a singer. I am sure that Stella's teacher loved me when she walked in wearing this dance costume with all her accessories. Of course, I do not know why I would ever be surprised by the fact that when Stella is asked what she would want to be when she grows up it would never be a simple teacher, mom, lawyer, doctor. Stella is and always going to be reaching for the stars and I would never have it any other way! 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Soccer Games

We had our first soccer games this morning. Stella's was first and she did great. She is not at the front of the pack but she is out there moving and running around. I still think that her favorite part of it is hanging out on the sidelines with the other girls and snacks at the end but at least she is actually playing this year! 

 It was a very warm day and Cy was not thrilled to be at the soccer fields!

 Rhett started off the game doing so good. He was the first group on the field and did an awesome job, the problems came when he had to let others play!

 He was not happy and ready for soccer games to be over with at this point! He would not go back out on the field!

 Finally we poured some water over his head and he was able to play in the last round.

 Of course he did have to stop and pick the skin off his fingers!

It really was fun getting to watch the kids play in their first games today. For the most part they did a really good job and I have to say that their coaches have got to have more patience than anyone I have ever meet!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rhett's 4th Birthday!

Rhett is 4 today! I am in total shock that he is 4 years old, I feel like this birthday totally snuck up on me, he has gotten so big and grown up lately. We had a really relaxing morning, got to open presents in our pj's and then had his big birthday party with all his friends at the jump zone. It was such a great day. Rhett, we love you so much and so proud of what a wonderful loving boy you are to everyone. 
 Stella helping Rhett open presents, she was doing her best not to take over but it was really tough on her.

 You could say he was a little excited about getting a nook of his very own.
 Cy did not want to help unwrap presents, he wanted to steal them for himself.

 Rhett let Cy hang out with him looking at his new nook, that is part of what makes him such a good big brother, he really does love to play with Cy.

 Davis was not thrilled that Cy was in the house with him!
 Ms. L is just adorable, I kind of want to run away with her!

 I don't know if you can tell but Rhett had a blast at his party!

 This girl is just one hot mess but we sure do love her!

Thank you everyone for coming and helping us celebrate are big boy turning 4!