Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Week in Phone Photos

 Really love those cheeks
 That is not my husband in bed with me, hmmm
 Cy went with me to get my hair done!
 Rhett knows how to make a mess, over and over again

 Love those cheeks
 Jason on a late night work call in our bedroom
 Love this boy
 Ready to practice being a flower girl
 Why did I spend time on her hair to have it smooshed
 Rhett got to hang out with Gigi and Papi, think he was in heaven
 Stella getting ready for Landon and Jenn's wedding
 waiting on things to get started
 Oh the boys and those silly mustaches
 This child and my stress level!
Don't let this cuteness fool you, wild child

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Going to the Chapel...

they are going to get married! 
Today was the big day, Jennifer and Landon got married! Landon has been Jason best friend, partner in crime pretty much his entire life, Landon's family is like Jason's second family, they mean the world to him so it was such an honor that they asked Stella and Jason to be a part of one of their most important moments. Stella was so excited that she got to be in the wedding and even more excited that Jenn wanted her to look and be a princess for the day. The night before at dinner Landon and Jenn gave Stella jewelry for the big day, she could not stop talking about it and could not wait to get her hair done and put on her wonderful dress. Thank you Jenn for letting Stella be a part of your big day and making her feel so special. 

 We started the day off at the hair salon getting Stella's hair and makeup done. She thought she was big stuff!

 Yes, they even gave her a fancy glass to drink her water from, Lord, help me if she thinks this is how her life should be all the time!

 Starting to get a little tired of her hair portion but that was not going to slow her down, she was on overdrive all day long!

 We thought that Jenn should wear her hair like this for the big day but she didn't think so for some reason!

 She loved getting make up put on, she looked at me and told me she was just like Gigi!
 Waiting on the big  moment~

 Rhett and Stella had such a fun time at the reception dancing. We could not get Rhett off the dance floor~

Congrats Jenn and Landon!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nap Time

This is what we do when the big kids are napping, playing on the floor. I love these big grins that Cy has started giving me each day.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Week in Phone Photos

 Love those cheeks!

 Long night
 They are so loud!
 They are stressing me out!

 What? You don't let your kids play on the floor at the doctors office?

 Do you see those dimples? What out ladies!

 Running errands with mommy can wear a girl out.
 Milk Drunk

 Didn't Mrs. Kari Beth do a great job on Cy's onesie? I love it!