Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lake House with Family

This weekend we were at the lake house with my aunt, cousins, and Gigi and Papi. The kids had so much fun going out on the boat, tubing and playing with the big kids. Cy had some rough nights, which made me have some rough nights but it was worth it to hang out with the family. 

 We also celebrated Stella's birthday again with my cousins. They got her more goodies for her bitty baby from American Girl. She was very excited, I think that Morgan was as excited at she was to open the stuff up and play!

 Kyle, Morgan's friend was with them this weekend, he got to play with bitty baby also, can you read the how much fun he was having all over his face?

One very happy girl!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot Hot Hot!

It is very HOT here this week we are talking in the hundreds hot, so the kids and I loaded up and went to one of the coolest spots that we could think of, the splash park. They had so much fun playing in the water and being out of the house. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stella is 5!!

I can not believe that today my wonderful little lady turned 5! It seems like just yesterday I was getting my bags ready to take to the hospital to welcome her into our lives. Stella, you bring so much joy to our lives, I am so glad that God have you to us. I am blessed each day to be your parent, the last five years have been amazing and I can not wait to continue to watch you grow and mature, but try not to do it to fast! Happy Birthday Princess!                               

Today for your birthday we went and saw "Brave", the new Disney movie. You said that you liked it but there were parts that scared you. You had swimming lessons that daddy took Rhett and you. When you were done we had a wonderful dinner at Gigi and Papi's. Gigi even made a you a cupcake bouquet. 
 Just looking at these photos makes me realize how grown up you are all of the sudden.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Week in Phone Photos

What did I do before my phone? These are the photos that I have taken in the last week on my phone. 
 The kids put stickers on Cy's head, I thought that it was not a big deal until I went to take them off and found that they were SUPER sticky. I felt really bad!
 Stella really is such a good big sister, she wants to hold Cy any chance she gets. I am so glad that she loves her brothers.
 I have been getting some cuddle time with him also.
 Cy hung out with me and read a book for a while one evening. We have not been doing a whole lot of sleeping. I am going to remind him of this when he is a teenager and I am having to drag him out of bed.

 Eating was just so much work for him!
 If i sit on our bed to nurse Cy, this is what normally ends up happening, a wrestling match next to me. I figure at least they are not breaking anything in the other parts of the house.
 Waiting on me to finish feeding Cy so that he can have a snack. Not thrilled.
 Sweet Dreams
 We were at Gigi's house getting ready to go to swim lessons and I told Stella to let me help her put her top on.She looks at me and say "No, I need to learn how to do this for when my tata's get big and I wear a bra." Lord help me! Stella enjoy being little you will have to deal with all of this later! Don't grow up to fast on me little lady.

 Cy likes to say the pledge while he is eating.
 What a good daddy, keeps a baby happy while he watches some baseball.
 Got to love the play room at Gigi's house.
 Rhett having some tickle fights with daddy.
 Look at those chunky cheeks!
 My pretty girl
Rhett watching some TV.