Friday, November 29, 2013

Photos for Christmas

We thought that sense no one had school or work today that it would be a great day to try and get some photos for our Christmas cards. Getting three kids to be happy, look at the camera, and be still is a HUGE disaster in the making. We were able to get a couple that were not great but got the job done! 

 This could not be a better description of my kids, Stella jumping for joy totally excited to be in front of the camera, Cy just wondering around in his own world not really caring what we want from her just doing his own thing, and Rhett pouting about who know what, probably did not want to be jumping, walking, smiling or pretty much doing anything that we asked of him.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stella's Thanksgiving Feast

Today was so much fun! Jason and I got to attend Stella's Thanksgiving program and feast at her school. The program was really cute and Stella did a wonderful job! Stella has been fighting a runny nose and not feeling great but you would never have known that she was not feeling good with how she did up on stage. She was her normal self, full of personality! I love the fact that no matter what stage you put Stella on she has no fear of the people watching her, she did not get this from me! At the end each child went up to the mic and stated what they were thankful for this year. I have to admit every time someone puts a mic in my daughters hands and up to her mouth I am a nervous wreak, you just never know what is going to come out of that mouth, it could totally be a sweet little I am thankful for my family or it could totally be lets take over this show and tell them a three hour story! Thankfully this time we got lucky and she simply was thankful for her family.
Funny note about the weeks before the program, Stella was at home telling us about what they were working on each day and who she was going to be in the program. She starts to inform us that she is very upset with the fact that she has to be a Pilgrim women, she wanted to be an Indian man. I just started laughing and could not stop myself! Try to explain to my blue eyed, blond haired, fair skinned 6 year old that probably for the rest of her life she is going to be cast as a Pilgrim women every time and never an Indian let alone an Indian man! She thought this was totally not fair because the Indian men get to do all the fun stuff like hunt and play in the woods. Stella brings laughter to my life each and every day!
Stella we love getting to see and experience part of what your life is like at school when we are apart each day. It is so special to see you in this totally different environment and to know that you are so loving it but also thriving at school.