Friday, November 19, 2010


This afternoon we dropped the kids off at Gigi and Papi's and headed down to the lake house, just Jason and I! I was so excited to just have a little time with out the kids, I feel bad saying that but I was really in need of some rest. I knew the kids were in great hands and were going to have a lot of fun, my cousin Mallory was also at the house to help out! Thanks Mallory!

It was Uncle Ky's birthday today and when we got to their house Stella got to have some yummy ice cream cake. What more could a little girl ask for? I was told that they also got to make s'mores this evening which I am sure what a big sugary mess!

This is funny, Stella sleeps on the futon in my parents room when she stays at their house. Well, I guess she wanted to make sure they could find her when they came to bed this evening because she left them a map in sticky notes around her bed!
Yes, she is wearing pearls to bed, why is that odd to people?