Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This is what dinner normally looks like at our house, well, I am normally in the chair next to Rhett, just imagine me in my spot. This is what happens every night at dinner, about twenty times. Rhett throws his bottle and it end up on the ground.

After the twentieth time, Dad throws his hands up and is done!

This is a funny story on Stella. We have been having a fit with her at dinner about her not eating her food, not sure what her deal is but no matter what you put in front of her "this is not my favorite", or "It smells funny" or "I am not eating". It is just a long never ending battle to get her to eat the food that you put in front of her. I was dreading this evening because I was making chicken and rice, I knew that three of the four of us would eat but was not sure what she would do but I am very strong on the rule that you will eat what I put before you, I am not a short order cook and am only cooking one meal each evening. I can not tell you how shocked I was tonight when Stella looks at me out of the blue and goes "Mommy this is the bestest food ever, I like it lots, it is one of my favorites!" I was so excited I would have danced a jig maybe next time she says that she will actually eat the meal and then I will dance a jig!