Monday, November 8, 2010


This morning did not start off good for me. I had not even had a cup of coffee when the day got rough, you should always be able to at least have a cup of coffee before you have to face bad things. Rhett had a rough night and I was up most of the night with him, for some reason Stella was awake at 6:30, the good mom that I am put on a movie for her to watch while I laid back down. This is not a big deal normally because I do not usually fall back a sleep, well this morning I past out! I woke to the sound of Stella and Rhett over the monitor. This really did not distress me because Stella goes and gets in bed with him a lot in the mornings and they sing and play with one another. I went into her room grabbed some clothing for the day, went into his room said good morning and started getting his things.

The bad came when I reached down to get him out of the bed and saw blond locks of hair all over his sheets. Rhett has red hair and there is only one person in this house that would cut their hair in Rhett's bed and try to hide it. This is when I got my first good look at the front of Stella's head, she had scalped herself. I freaked out! I will be honest, you can give me the worst mommy of the decade award I really don't care, I freaked out! I asked her what was she thinking, I started to cry, she started to cry, Rhett started to cry! I called my hairdresser and left her a sobbing message, (I am sure she loved that at 8 in the morning!) Then I took photos with my iphone and sent them to Jason, my mother, and the hairdresser (wanted to make sure she understood the full urgency of getting Stella in immediately!) and to my close friends.(figured someone should laugh at my crises.) Now, started to calm down and think a little clearer, I had to tell myself that at least she had not hurt herself or Rhett with her climb into the bed with a pair of SCISSORS and that she had not cut on Rhett's hair. I only had one child that looked like the Indians from the casino in Oklahoma had arrived at our house and scalped them!
I decided that sense I had not heard from my hairdresser yet that I would just trim the back and sides up shorter because Stella had a little issue, she can not have bangs, she has a huge swirl in the front of her head that forces the hair to go to the left side. Bangs would never work, for one we are no longer living in the '80's folks and two they would never lay down on her face, it would be a constant battle that I am not going to fight each morning. I was so sad and sick to my tummy because her hair was looking really cute, she was able to wear big bows on the side and put it in to pig tails, that was all gone now. I cut about three inches off of her hair, I really did think that I was going to be sick. While I was finishing up my hairdresser got with me and told me to bring her in this afternoon. I said a huge thank you to the Lord for that one, maybe she would be able to clean up this mess!
I have to say a huge Thank you to Beca because she could not fix the disaster (I did have the thought of hair extensions flash through my head but realized that would probably not work with a three year old, don't think she would sit still that long.) but she at least cleaned it up and helped me figure out with a little help of some hairspray (plaster) we could still make the hair pull over to the side and work with it for the next couple of weeks until it all grows out. (yes, I said weeks because I live in Lindsey Land and it will only take weeks for the hair to grow back out not months and years, just let me live in my happy bubble!)
The chop job, see now you understand my crying.
the fixed hair, she really should not be smiling, I am still not smiling
see still not great but I guess it will have to do for now.
OK, if my day has not been crazy and dramatic enough, lets add a little more wild kingdom to my life. Stella was taking a nap (thank the Lord for small favors) and Rhett was playing in the living room floor. I had to use the lady's room, yes, sometimes I do have to use the restroom, I know I should never do this and the events that follow tell me that over and over again. When I cam out of the restroom I found this,
Yes, that is my son in the middle of my TABLE! The little monkey saw the yogurt bites that he LOVES and climbed up the chair and onto the top of the table to have a little snack! The kid will not walk but he sure as heck will climb. I am blaming all of this on my friend Jamie because today when I was on the phone with her, crying about topic of my daughter's scalping, she says to not worry that at least Rhett is going to be calm. Yeah, he is real calm, scaling a table! She has no jinxed me to a life of crazy! (like my life was not crazy before I just want to be able to blame someone other than myself)
He was just so proud of himself, eating away. Wonder what else lays ahead for me this week because it is only Monday! Someone out there better be saying some prayers cause I could be in the psych ward by Wednesday.


Ava said...

Bless your heart.....Stella is beautiful w/ her new do. It was fun fun fun seeing you on saturday!