Saturday, November 6, 2010


Happy Birthday to Isabella and Nicolas! She turned 5 and he turned 2, we had so much fun at their party today. The party was Dora and Diego go to the dude ranch and I have to say that Lorena did an amazing job on every aspect of the party.

Rhett was the guard of there little play house. He would not let the other kids in to the house, they had to climb in the windows! He is already a bully at 14 months, what am I going to do with him.

My not so happy cow girl. Next time the party has a western theme I need to remember no tights! The hay was pocking and getting stuck in her tights, she was scratching her legs like crazy. Then I look over and she has her dress pulled up under her arms and is peeling them off in the middle of this large group of people. So glad that it is my daughter that goes to parties and takes her clothing off, she gets this from her father.
The kids got to bring one of these stick horses home with them from the corral, what a neat favor.
They played pin the sheriff badge on Dora and Diego.

Rhett thought that this little girl was wonderful, he sat like this for a good while just staring at her.
Thank goodness for Madison, she was wonderful and rode on the pony ride with Stella.

The kids in line for the pinata.

All the birthday party attendees
They had fake western mustaches for some of he kids to use in the photos.

Birthday girl

The family while we sang Happy Birthday to both kiddos.
Momma and her boy.