Thursday, November 18, 2010


The kids had school today and Stella's class had a special Thanksgiving lunch. Jason and I got to go and have lunch with her and she was very excited to see us there. I have to say it is fun to see her in that different environment and how she acts. I only had my phone with me so I got just )this sweet shot of her getting ready to give me a kiss. Sweet girl (well, most of the time!)This afternoon the kids had taken naps and when I got Rhett up I did not put his pants back on him. I had looked over at one point and totally thought of the movie with Tom Cruise called Risky Business. Rhett just needed a broom for a guitar and some socks. (Maybe a good idea for Halloween next year.) When Jason walked in the house this evening he looked at Rhett and instantly said "Well, hello Risky Business!" I just started laughing that we had both thought the exact same thing.
Well, later this evening we had some serious riskiness going on around here. We were cleaning up dinner and look over, Rhett is standing dancing and smiling and there is a diaper laying on the ground next to him. Sure enough, he had some how gotten his diaper off and only had his shirt on, that is what you call RISKY BUSINESS!

And of course, Stella had to check to make sure it was his diaper laying on the floor, not sure who she thought the diaper would belong to seeing as he is the only one that wears diapers in our home!