Thursday, November 11, 2010


Stella has been having some issues still at the new school that we have moved the kids to but it is more a matter of her getting use to what is OK and what is not. She also likes to see how far she can push the new teacher and her limits. They have a system if they get four gum balls on their gum ball machine each class period then that means they had a really good day and get a prize, if not it means they did not have a very good day. Gigi told Stella that if she got all four gum balls she would take her and get a Barbie doll. Well, Miss Thing did just that on Thursday she got all four gum balls, she had one time out for hitting another little boy but we are talking about the positive today! SHE GOT TO GET A BARBIE DOLL. Now, I need to explain something, in my head a barbie doll meant the little 6-7 dollar barbie but my mother, Stella's Gigi, let Stella look thought the Christmas catalogue that was at her house and pick out one! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Of course, Stella saw the one that had a swimming pool and two puppies and had to have that one! So, I know have a swimming pool full of water sitting on my kitchen counter, I have a little girl that loves it and I guess that is all the really matters. I am wondering if Gigi is going to be coming over to help clean up all the spilled water? I am thinking that is probably not happening, I can dream though right?
Oh, just as a wonderful side note, she could not leave the store with out getting her wonderful grandson a toy also. Well, let me just tell her that if she buys my son another toy that has a hammer that her can use to hit me in the head, I am going to hit HER in the head. (Not really, I just like to talk feisty sometimes)


Connie said...

I like Barbie's 'Nude' swimsuit! LOL