Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I had so much fun today, yes, I know many people would not think that shopping is fun but for me it is a blast. (just wish I had money to do it all the time) We have a large re sale event for children's clothing in our area twice a year and today I got to shop early at the event. Jason came home from work and watched the kids so that I could really dig into the racks and find some good stuff. I did find a lot of great stuff for both kids for fall/winter. I was really looking for Stella because I have already got a good start on Rhett's fall/winter clothing. Stella had nothing before today. I was able to get 22 items for about 7 dollars an item, a lot of them even had the tags still on them! I did end up getting stuff for both kids because there was just so much great stuff. Jason, who hates the thought of spending money, was even impressed with all the things that I was able to find for the kids.