Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Happy 1st Birthday Rhett! I can not believe how fast a year has gone by, you are such a wonderful, happy, sweet, BIG boy. We love you so much and are so blessed to have you as a part of our family.

This morning I heard you making noise in your room and went in with the camera singing to you the Happy Birthday song. You always wake up so happy and excited to see who ever comes to get you when you wake up.
Showing me your blanket, you love anything that is soft to sleep with, you have a bunny that must be with us all the time, you take a passie but it is not a must for you like it is for Stella.
Jumping in your bed as I sing to you, anytime music is on or someone is singing you will move to the beat. You love music of any kind.
You have just learned to sway from side to side, it is a very funny to watch you do it because you are very dramatic when you do it.

Once you were up we hung out in your room for a while, it was just Rhett and mommy time because Stella was still in bed. We do this a lot in the mornings, it is really one of the only times that we are one on one and I have to say that I love it.
This is one of your favorite toys, you push it around your room and move the beads and trains all over it. Yes, you also like to chew on it, really you will chew on anything that you can figure out how to get it in your mouth. You have 8 teeth now, four on top and four on bottom but I am pretty sure that you will have more soon. The amount of spit that gets all over your shirts is so gross. I change your shirt at least twice a day if not more.
You are not so big on hats at the moment, I put one on you all the time trying to get you so that you will keep it on, not really working out for me so far. Gigi and Papi got this for you on there last trip to see the Cardinals play. You look pretty cute in it.
This morning I took you to Hobby Lobby with me, you are a pretty good little shopper these day. Stella, of course, was all over the store. When we were done you were pretty tired and feel a sleep on the way home. You still take a nap each day but never at the same time or the same amount of time. Some days it is for an hour in the morning and two in the afternoon other days you only take one nap for four hours. You are still not sleeping through the night but it is getting better. I am hoping that we figure out the key sooner than later, I need a full night of sleep. I am able to carry you from the car and get you in bed with out waking you up, your daddy is not! I can also put you in your bed with bunny and you go to sleep, not for your daddy.
Tonight we had Gigi, Papi and Uncle KyKy over for a birthday dinner. You had a yogurt and some milk while the rest of us had stuffed pork chops and sweet potatoes. I have to say that people do not believe me but you are a very picky eater. Texture of food is a big thing with you, you are not big on bananas, hot dogs, or pretty much anything else. You love apples and french fries, apples upset you tummy so I don't give them to often and french fries are just not going to lead to a healthy lifestyle and that just will not work. I do get you to eat cheese on some days but most of your nutrition comes from milk, I am also loving that you are now on regular milk and not formula. You drink about 6 eight ounce bottles each day if not more.
Uncle KyKy helped you dig into all of your presents this evening. You were one very blessed little boy, you got lots of fun stuff and we have not even had your party yet! Uncle KyKy is hoping that you are going to be left handed like your big sister, it is looking like you will for the most part but every once in a while you will use your right.

You have been crawling for a long time and pulling up is not a problem. You also will stand on your own but have not taken any steps just yet. You do love to hold hands and walk around the house. I am just waiting for you to realize that you can take off. The funny thing about you walking is that you do not bend you knees. You keep them very straight and swing them around.

You love when anyone is sitting on the floor, you speed crawl to them and climb all over them. I think that this could be one of your favorite things, to crawl all over people.
You ended your big day with some help from you sister walking around the house. You love Stella, even though she is still adjusting to the fact that you are here to stay. I think that you two will grow to be the best of friends.
Rhett, I love you so much and am so proud of you. You are such a big, strong, handsome, boy and just so happy.