Sunday, August 15, 2010


I think that today has been one of the hottest and longest days of my life. This morning we went to church, every other week Jason and I work in one of the toddler class and of course this week we did not get up in time to attend service, we just got there in time for the service that we were teaching class during. This week was promotion Sunday for the toddlers, which going into it you know is going to be rough because it is a new class and new teachers for all the kids. Yes, it was rough and we had some criers and not so happy little ones but we struggled through, praise the Lord we only had 8 children, in the past we have always had at least 12 and up to 20 on a crazy week! But for some reason this week I got overly hot in our classroom, which I normally am a little warm in the room just from chasing all the kids but I got really warm this week and by the time we got our kids from their classes and in the car I thought my head was going to pop off and my tummy was going to show my breakfast if you get my drift. NOT PRETTY and not good because we had a very busy day a head of us. Jason, my wonderful husband ran into a store and got me something to drink and some medicine and off we drove to meet my family for lunch in Fayetteville.

We meet down on Dickson St. at Jose's because Mallory and my Aunt were moving her into her dorm room, I thought it would be easy and some what fast. Well, was I ever wrong on all of that! I have to apologize to everyone that was there for my horrible, horrible mistake. The first clue was when I told the hostess that there was going to be ten plus a high chair and his eyes got really BIG! Next, when they seated us they only gave us nine chair plus a high chair. We had to go and find our own tenth chair and bring it to the table. Third, it was really warm in the room we were seated in, I mean WARM! After about thirty minutes we got our drinks and asked about the temp, the waitress looks at us and goes, "Yeah, it's hot in here but the back room were they have no one seated is much cooler." I thought that my husbands head was going to come off!(Note to anyone out there that does not already know this, Jason does not do good in warm temps. It leads to very bad things is all I am going to say!) It took about two hours to get our food and by that point we were all so hot that we really did not want to eat it. When I say that it was hot, I am talking I thought about taking Rhett's clothing off of him, Stella's hair was soaking wet, we had to ask them just to leave the pitchers of water on our table because they could not bring them fast enough to refill our glass we were drinking so much water. IT WAS HORRIBLE!

So after our wonderful lunch my mom and I loaded up with my aunt and Mallory to help with the dorm room stuff while my father and Jason took the kids home for naps, ( or I should say to try for naps that they never took.) Mallory's room was looking very cute but still not the coolest place on earth but better than Jose's (I think it was just one of those days that I was never in a cool location long enough to feel any better), she is doing rush this week and I am very excited for her.

This evening we had a cook out with our community group that was a lot of fun. We had hamburgers and hot dogs. Stella and Rhett were all over the backyard. We were lucky though because it did finally cool off a little before the evening was done. In fact, when we were leaving it had begun to sprinkle and rain a little bit. We really need some rain.

So, needless to say it was a long, busy, hot day. I have two very tired little ones.
Nope, she is not tired and she is not ready for bed.
The sky was really pretty one the way home.