Monday, August 16, 2010


Today Stella was a very lucky lady and got to spend most of the day with her Uncle KyKy. He took her over to Oklahoma to see his friend and her niece. Stella got to play and go swimming. I think I might have even heard something about ice cream? This all being said it was just Rhett and I running around town get some stuff done. We ended up back at the house with a little time to kill so I thought was a better way to spend my time than taking some photos of the cutest little man I know!

A fun little side story about this morning before I took Stella to meet Uncle Kyky. I ended up meeting him earlier than I had planned and was in a hurry trying to get everything done around the house that needed to be finished for us to leave. I had taken a shower but just had on my towel wrap and was in Stella's room getting things for her bag and she was standing talking to me. I went to leave her room and realized she had locked the door. She smiles and goes its just me and you mommy. (Obviously we are in need of some one on one time) I then hear Rhett at the door crying and think of the outlet that is by the door and wonder if the last time I vacuumed if I had put the safety plug back, probably not and while I am locked in a room with Stella my son is probably outside the door electrocuting himself!. I become more panic and start to realize that there is no way out but the window and even if I got outside all the doors to the house are locked! I ended up having to break the door handle to get out! So lesson learned, it is great to have the lock on the outside of the door for bed time but not so great when it is the parent in the room locked in, must hide a key in the room for this moments.