Monday, August 9, 2010


This evening Stella got to go to the Naturals baseball game with Papi, Uncle KyKy and her daddy. She had a very good time and keeps talking about all the food they let her eat! She is not a big fan of Strike the mascot. Uncle Ky tried to help out with getting a picture but she was really not that into it.

This is a stance she takes all the time when she is telling someone what they should be doing. Wonder what strike is suppose to be doing?

OK so I have to say a great big sorry to the lady that had to wipe my daughter's bottom this evening! They had seats in one of the boxes and Jason went out for a moment and Stella I guess told one of the women that she had to go potty and they took her! I am not for sure in all the details because Stella was telling me about the women in green wiping her bottom after she went poo poo and I just have to say to who ever that is THANK YOU and I AM SO SORRY! I really thought I was going to kill my husband when she was telling me this but he lives to see another day.