Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tonight was the night, we went to the Grape Festival! I have to say that my husband just loves anything that has to do with carnies, he looks forward to the Grape Festival all year long. I look forward to it because of the rides, food and music; not Jason he just wants to look at what people are wearing and acting. it was a lot of fun this year because Stella could ride the rides.

We got to meet up with DKP, Mrs. K and Little L for dinner at Jose's before hand. They had some karaoke going on and of course Stella and Little L got up on the stage and were dancing for everyone. I wish I had taken my camera in with us but forgot it in the car. Stella and Little had such a great time with each other and rode all the rides at the Grape Festival.
Stella did not know were to look first when we arrived.
Poor Little L was getting some great big hugs that I am not sure she was so thrilled about. Hey, Stella says, "Go big or go home."

This is really funny, Little L wanted to go on the roller coaster and talked Stella in to going with her. Stella had no clue what she was getting into, it was very funny.

Yes, that is a look of panic on my daughters face but after about three times around she started to like it!

It was a very fun evening with great people.