Wednesday, August 25, 2010


WHAT A DAY! This pretty pink house sits in my backyard. Stella plays in it on rare occasions but most of the time it is used by our dog Max as a dog house, yes, we bought him a dog house and he would have nothing to do with it but this play house is his favorite place to sleep. Well, today it got a whole new purpose by our daughter. She was playing in the backyard on her own while Rhett was down for a nap and I was working in the kitchen. I look outside to see Stella wearing her top but notice that her bare bottom is sticking up in the air, I was like were are her pants? I open the door and ask her were her pants are and why does she not have them on her. She looks at me and says, I had to go potty in my pretend potty but I did not have any toilet paper so I just did not put them back on, by the way I need some candy for going in the potty and not in my panties. Yes, my daughter pooped in her play house floor and then continued to play outside. She did not understand at all why her mother was upset, just kept looking at me like I had lost my mind and this all made perfect sense to her. We have had a long talk about the fact that she now has to come inside and use our indoor potty and not pretend potties. Pretend potties do not flush, this is not a good thing.

The rest of the day went pretty good, we continued to play outside once the potty was cleaned up. We have to say a big thanks to Melanie and Deric. They bought their children a new swing set and asked if we wanted the old one, of course we wanted the old one! Stella has had so much fun on it, it has just been the greatest thing. We are blessed to have such wonderful friends.