Saturday, August 7, 2010


We have spent all day out on the lake, is there really any better way to spend a summer day? Stella has been saying all day, "I love boat rides!" I am so glad that she loves boat rides because she is probably going to be on a lot of them in her lifetime! Rhett does great on the boat, for the most part we load up in the boat and before we even leave the dock he has gone to sleep. We put a towel down for him to lay on and drape another towel over him to keep the sun away and he is good to go for a while.
Rhett and Papi enjoying the drive around the lake.

Stella laying on the front of the boat looking at the clouds and what shapes they were making.

My mom, also known as Gigi, I love this picture of her and I know that she is going to tell me to take it off of here but I am not, it is going to stay.