Saturday, September 18, 2010


Stella had soccer for the second time today. She did so much better, I mean we actually took part in what was going on and did not try to take a nap. I can not tell you how happy I was that she was standing up let alone kicking the ball! Jason was so excited I thought he might pee himself that she was actually running around. I did get a little stressed at one point that she sat down on her ball but realized that she was just waiting on her turn. This could be part of the down fall for us, she has no patience, this being said she does not enjoy waiting on it to be her turn. tough lesson that we all have to learn in this crazy thing that we call life.

This evening we got to have some fun over at the Pianalto's house house. Stella was so excited to be able to play with Little L. I think that those two may share a brain, we could be in trouble in a few years! One minute they are upset with each other 30 seconds later they are holding hands giving hugs. I am glad that Stella has such a good friend in Little L.
Pig Pen (yeah, have no clue what his real name is, all the guys call him Pig Pen so that is what we call him, no, I do NOT want to know why they call him Pig Pen) He was having fun yelling with Stella, he found out that she can be as loud if not louder than her daddy!
Not sure what Stella and Little L were getting into but I am sure it was not good what ever they did find. I never thought that having a girl I would be telling her that she can not fight with sticks, stay out of the mud and many other crazy things but she is just such a mess but we love her all the same.