Friday, September 3, 2010


It's a party! This evening we had Rhett's 1st birthday bash, I think that we hit a home run with this one! (Do love my geeky play on words?) It was baseball theme, we could not have it any other way for our future all star! I have to say that all the guest had a really good time but not so sure it was as great a time for Rhett. His shots have really put him in an awful mood, he has a temp and snotty nose. I do not think I had a brain when I thought it was a good idea to get his shots the day before his party but I guess life goes on, what is that song, it's my party and I can cry if I want to, well, that is kind of how this went for Mr. Rhett! I am just very glad that all the guest had a wonderful time and we were blessed with amazing weather.
The birthday banner that Jason made for Rhett.
The cake, I did not get a very good photo of it but the ladies did such a great job of it.
The baseball cookies, they are like crack, you can not get enough of them.
It would not be a baseball game with out hot dogs and popcorn!

Mr. H, he is such a cute little guy.
The kids having fun outside.
Mr. C came in his baseball clothing, he knows how to dress for a party!
Rhett with his smash cake, the other side had a St. Louis Cardinal on it but did not get that side of the baseball. I think that Stella was more excited about the cake than Rhett actually was, he just did not feel up to all that sugar.
Waiting on us to sing to him

Not liking the sweet cake that I just shoved in his mouth!This bottle of milk is much better than any cake! He is so his father's son, Jason does not like sweets, would much rather have a full meal than a piece of cake.
The pinata that Lorena made for the party, she did such a great job. The kids always have fun swinging at it and the parents love me for all the candy I send home with their kids!

Uncle KyKy having so much fun at the party, I know that there is no were else he would rather have been!
Mrs. Erin and Mr. H., we have been friends sense we were three our parents are really good friends and I think that it is really cool that our boys will grow up close and age and playing with one another.
Daddy and the birthday boy, I love Rhett's outfit, his Gigi made it for him and it has a glove with a baseball in it. Wish I had gotten a better photo of it.
Opening up all of his gifts, with a little baseball game on in the background. Rhett got so much cool stuff, I am still trying to figure out were to put all of it.
Thank you everyone that came to the party and helped us celebrate such a wonderful day!

**This evening Rhett took one step with out holding onto anything. That walking thing is not far off.