Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today was a pretty lazy day around the house for the kids and I. This evening we got to go and have Guido's pizza with DKP, Mrs. K, Little L, and the Pianalto family. The kids had so much fun, one because they love pizza and two because we were in Tonitown and I do not think that their is a person that between all of us that we do not know coming in and out of he restaurant, three I am pretty sure Stella made it home with twenty bounce balls because she was able to talk a quarter out every person she knew there. It was a nice for the adults because the kids were entertained and we were able to hang out and chat.

It was bath time when we got home because the kids have school tomorrow. I have to say that I have an amazing husband that total takes on bath time and lets me enjoy a few minutes of rest or do whatever I think needs doing. It is also some great quality time with his kids that he loves so much. I have to admit that a lot of the time that I end up standing outside the bathroom were they can not see me to listen to the conversations that he has with the kids and to listen to him sing to them. I love to listen to him sing to the kids, I know that it is probably one of those things that will look back and remember with warm feelings.

(yes, Rhett has a large scratch above his eye, have no clue what the little monster did, just found him sitting on the floor in the middle of our room crying.)