Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today was a big day, yes, a big day for sure. Our beloved Arkansas Razorbacks, ranked #10, played the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide. To say that we were a little excited does not even being to explain how we felt about this game. We were also excited because Aunt Mel and her family were in town for the game. We let them have our tickets and we stayed at home with the kids and watched the game on TV. We had such a good time, mostly because we thought for most of the day that we were going to win the game but ended up losing at the end of the game, it was very sad. After the game everyone came back to the house for some food and to hang out. Mallory, her room mate, Mary Susan, and another friend from the U of A, Aunt Mel, Morgan, Mel's husband Denis and his daughter and son, Kristin and Jeffery. It was a house full but lots of fun, especially for my kids. Stella with her razorback tattoo
Stella with all the big girls, she was in heaven, I think that I need them around all the time!
Mary Susan with Rhett, he is such a ladies man, they all love him.
Stella riding around on Kristen's back.
Stella's thought on us losing to the Crimson Tide.
Stella and Mary Susan, think we need her to come over and play sometime soon.

Aunt Mel and her family in all their razorback glory!