Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today has been one crazy day! Stella and Rhett had school this morning and an hour before I was suppose to pick them up I got call that Rhett had 5 dirty diapers and I needed to come and get him. I knew that he was teething and was pretty sure that was what was going on but I called Jason and he told me that Rhett had gotten some apple last night. This is a thing that really makes him have an upset tummy. When I got to the school I knew it was the apple that had caused the problem. It always makes him have a very red bottom. Sense I was already at the school I picked Stella up from school while I was there. It actually worked out for the best because I had there 1 year and 3 year check ups this afternoon.

What was I thinking to schedule those appointments on the same day, after school, and to go by myself? Well, lesson learned and I will never do that again!Rhett and Stella were both so tired because neither of them had a nap which made the appointment long and hard not counting the fact that Stella had two shots plus the flu mist and Rhett had three shots.

Stella now weighs 34 pounds and is 38/39 inches tall. She is in the 75 percentile. She is on track as far as her growth chart and were she should be on the chart. She knows her colors and shapes, can sing her ABC's, can draw a circle, copy things that you draw and can follow directions give to her (well, when she wants to!) We do have to work on getting rid of her passie in the near future.

Rhett is now weighing in at 28/29 pounds and 31 inches long. He is in the 95 percentile. He is on track for his growth chart. He is crawling, pulling up, walking with furniture, saying daddy and uh oh, jabbers all the time.

I do have to tell this one funny story about Stella, the nurse that we had today had on pink scrubs. Stella's favorite color is pink so of course the nurse became her new best of friends, that is until shot time came around. I had her do Stella's first because I thought that if she saw Rhett get his shots she would be a nightmare to hers done. We put her on the table and tell her that she is going to get some medicine to help her stay healthy and strong. The nurse has be hold her hands (while I am also holding Rhett, not the easiest way to try and keep her still) while she holds her legs and gives her the shots. She did really well but did cry a little and looks at the nurse and says"I thought that we were friends, why did you have to pinch me?" with big crocodile tears coming down her face! I thought the nurse was going to start crying on me, she said that she never had a kids get that upset at HER for the shots, they cry because the shot hurts but Stella was more upset that her friend had hurt her than the actual shot its self.