Friday, June 8, 2012

A Week in Photos

I have not been the best at getting the camera out this week but these are the photos from my phone. What did we do before camera phones??   
 Such sweet little hands
 Loves looking at the computer screen, probably not the best thing to be letting him stare at but he likes it.
 Went to the park and the kids played in the creek, soaking wet clothing equals two naked kids in my car on the way home.
 Got to love my boy wearing my bra, he is going to hate me some day for  these photos
 Not a happy baby
 Very happy baby
 I would love to have these lashes!
 The time out jars that Gigi made being put to good use
 Nothing better than a sleeping snuggling baby
 Stella and Rhett at the splash park
 Cy chillin at the splash park

 Jason bringing the sexy back to our house
 Stella giving Cy some love
Papi and Stella playing a little ball.