Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

I have to say that I have been blessed with a amazing grandfathers, father and husband/father to my children. The men in my life are all wonderful and set such great examples for my kids, we are very lucky to have them. Hope they all had a great day!
We spent the weekend at our lake house just relaxing and enjoying being away from home. It was Cy's first trip to the lake and he did very good in the car! 

 Rhett loves being at the lake house because he is free to pee were ever he pleases out of doors. We had just stepped out of our car and getting ready to carry things into the house and this is what he was doing!
 Jason took Stella and Rhett down to the dock one day to fish. Yes, that is my daughter playing with all the worms!

 They each caught a fish! Rhett did not want to hold his so, Stella did it for him.

 We spent a lot of time watching baseball, Cy enjoyed it!
 Rhett kept saying he was not tired but the next thing you know he is trying to climb into Gigi's lap and does not even make it up before he is a sleep half on half off the couch!
 Sweet Cy sleeping on the bed! Look at how chunky those cheeks are getting.
It was a great weekend for all of us!