Saturday, July 3, 2010


We got to spend all day out on the lake. It was a wonderful day of swimming and boat rides. I have to say that I am so lucky that my kids love the water and have no fear of being on the boat, I am not sure what I would do if they were freaked out by it all. This is funny, Stella is no longer in swim diapers sense she is pretty well potty trained but today we had a little problem because every time she needed to go to the restroom she had to get out of the water and go to the house. We could not get her to understand that it was OK to pee pee in the lake, everyone else does it. I have the only child that will not go in the water!
Stella was dropping crackers under the dock and watching the fish eat them. I have to say that I love were our boat is docked because it has an area for us to be able to sit and hang out or jump off and swim.

Rhett stayed at the dock with Papi and Gigi while we took the boat for a spin. Papi even took him swimming while we were gone.
Stella sitting in the front of the boat, my Aunt kept having to grab and hold on to her because she likes to lean way out while the boat is moving. Stella is not afraid of anything.

Yes, Daddy let a three year old drive the boat!

Rhett getting all of his Gigi's attention and loving it!
Mallory getting ready to take off on the tub.

Mallory and Morgan going to ride together.

Some how Mallory got dumped off and Morgan was able to stay on the tub. I have a feeling that little sister may have pushed big sister off the tub!