Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I know that I am letting everyone down tonight but there will be no photos! I am having to charge the battery and we have just been busy bees today. I just ran out of time to get any photos of the kiddos and I think that if I went in to take a photo of them sleeping Jason would kill me. We are leaving tomorrow night for Minnesota, one of Jason's Uncles has passed away and we are going to the funeral. This should be interesting, this southern girl in the great white north. There is a reason that I love living in the south, I really do not like the cold. I can handle a couple of days of it but not a long term deal. It is sad that we are going for a funeral but at the same time I am looking forward to seeing some of Jason's family. His Aunts are always a good time and we do not get to see them very often, wish we did see them more. I guess that I should say that Jason's dad is one of thirteen! I can not even imagine what that was like, my house is crazy with two kids let alone if you added eleven more to the mixed and Lord help me if they all are as crazy as my wonderful little girl. She is a handful that I can just not even do justice to explaining but am blessed by her love and laughter each day.