Monday, February 11, 2008


We had a very busy weekend! Friday Stella went with me to get my hair done, she was a very good girl. That evening Jason took us to the mall and Target. Jason and I are looking into new carseats for Stella since she will be outgrowing her current in a couple more pounds and one more inch in length. When we got home Jason was feeding her some new food in which she was making the funniest facest that we had to capture with the camera. Saturday Stella and I hung out with GiGi while Jason was doing some work at the office. We went shopping, is there anything else to do when with your GiGi? We also helped GiGi pant her bedroom. (Papa was out of town which is why GiGi thought it was a good time to get this done.) Jason gave Stella a bath on Saturday evening so that she would be nice and clean for church on Sunday. They always have a blast and here are some photos that someday Stella will kill me for showing her dates. She also has a new thing with lifting her shirt and showing your her belly. If only we could all embrace our bellys with this much pride.