Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Hands

Ok so some of you might read this and think that I have gone off the deep end but I was just having a one of those moment this morning! Mom thanks for always holding my hand through the good and the bad, thanks for being there for me.

This morning I was sitting with Stella rocking her, just spending some down time together. She was holding my hand and looking at it and comparing it with hers. It got me to thinking of how much I love having her little plump hand holding my hand, I do not even mind all the slobber that she has all over it because I know that there is going to be a day when she will no longer want to hold my hand or sit and just snuggle with mom. I looked at her hand and was just overwhelmed with the joy of my daughter and sadness of having to let her go and grow up. I thought of what those hands would be doing, they will grasp a pencil as she learns to write, they will grip a bicycle handlebars as she learns to ride a bike. She is going to grow into a teenager (Lord someone pray for me) and those same hands are going to wipe away many tears and slam many doors, they will also hold the hand of a young man, if she is anything like me those hands will flutter around her as she talks with excitement. Some day those hands are going to help her pack her things to leave my home, open doors for her to move forward with her life but I hope that there will be moments that those hands will bring her back through my front door. I pray that those precious hands will spend more time spreading joy rather than clenching in anger. One day those hands will wear a diamond from a handsome young man, they will loosely hold her father's tuxedo arm, eager to reach her future at the end of the aisle. One day those hands will hold the hand of her child and know the love that I am feeling right now at this moment. I hope through all of that she will always know that she can come back to me, her mother, I will always have a hand for her to hold. Right now I am just going to live in this moment and know how wonderful it is to have her as my daughter to love and hold, my baby girl.