Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I know that as a new mom that I have been very blessed up to this point with Stella. She has been a very happy, healthy baby that sleeps really good most of the time. Well as of this week Satan has taken my angel and left me with a demon. Stella has gotten the bottom two teeth in and we are still working on more. I think that we spend more time crying than anything else. Stella wants to be held at all times and I mean all times. Oh and do not even think of putting any of the orajel into her mouth, that only makes her scream even louder. I have also found out that my daughter is going to be a great pitcher, she is getting really good at chunking her toys across the room when she is upset (this is 24/7 the past couple of days). She does like cold chew toys and we just bought some so a cold one would be on hand at all times. I know that it is going to get better any day now but in the mean time please keep us in your prayers.