Friday, February 29, 2008

New Pictures

You will all be glad to know that I chose not to use the flower for our pictures today!

Today we took Stella to the photographer to have more photos taken. We are part of their baby club so this was session 4 of 6! The whole day was spent getting ready for our appointment at 4. Jason was able to come home early from work to help us get ready and go with us. Jason does a better job of getting her to smile and giggle, I think it is because he does not mind making a fool of himself in front of everyone but do not tell him I said that. The appointment being at 4 meant that we had to wake Stella up from her nap early. You want to talk about a little girl that does not like being awakend early! I thought for sure that we were in big trouble but we got her dressed in outfit number one ( yes, we always have several costume changes) and when we arrived she was in a wonderful mood the whole time. I really think that we were able to get some amazing photos, when the proofs come in I will be sure to share them with everyone. We went to eat tonight with the Mhoon's, Pianalto's, and Fields. It was fun being able to see everyone and funny to see how in just a year how much our conversations have changed. All we talked about was breastfeeding, dirty diapers and crazy things our babies have been doing. Last year we would have gone to diner and then gone out, tonight we had diner and were home by 8:30 to put the kids to bed. Oh how kids change your life!