Monday, February 18, 2008

Playing is hard work!

Friday I was getting ready to go and meet Alison and Gabe for our walking workout at the mall. I had put Stella in her Exersourcer (which for anyone that has a child knows is the most amazing thing ever) to play while I was gathering everything up and finishing getting ready. I came out of the bedroom to find Stella face down asleep in the exersaurcer. I guess that playing and jumping had just worn her out! It could not have been comfortable but she was out cold. It was too funny and I had to snap a few shots of her. This of course made us a little late to meet Alison but she did not mind. We have been meeting three days a week to walk at the mall. I have got to finish losing this "baby" weight. Stella and Gabe seem to enjoy it also, they cruise while we walk.