Monday, February 18, 2008


This morning Jason was a wonderful husband and got up with Stella and let me sleep in! It was AMAZING! He feed her breakfast and was letting her play on the floor and I had to do nothing. I did come out to find that she was showing her favorite place to play, under the entertainment center. (please ignore the dog hair I did clean it up later that day!) Later on when it was nap time I put Stella down and left the room. Jason had taken the front bumpers off of the bed because Stella was pulling them off so he thought it would be better just to remove them. As I found out it was not such a good idea as about five minutes later I hear her crying out. She has gotten her foot caught in the railing and is not really mad but not really happy. I guess we need to put those front bumper pads back on the bed. Oh the wonderful things that a first time parent learns.