Friday, December 31, 2010


We had such a fun New Years Eve! We went to dinner with some of our friends and then headed over to the Pianalto house to hang out. Miss L and Stella play really well together, it amazes me. Rhett is just such a little man walking around flirting with all the ladies. We all have such a good time getting to hang out and talk with our friends, it was the perfect way to end the year and start a new one.
Kelly and her beautiful mother.
The kids playing in the garage riding Miss L's new bike. I was blown away at how good they were at sharing.

The boys being nerds, notice that they all have their cell phones out doing something that only they would think is funny.

Miss Linda gave the kids some ice cream, she knows how to win over some 3 year olds to do what ever she wants!

Miss L has the prettiest brown eyes!
The kids had on their jammies most of the evening and were running around playing in them.

Yes, these three ladies were giggling fools so excited to be feeding my son some ice cream!
Casey is such a sport, letting the girls come up with new hairstyles for her, she was looking smashing.
Rhett was about done and Mr. Rick was being a good Papi and helping hold him.

The boys!

The Ladies!