Thursday, December 9, 2010


Tonight in the mail Stella and Rhett had a very special delivery, Santa had sent them each a letter with a certificate telling them that so far they had made it on the good list for this year.

Each of them had a letter from Santa saying that he had been watching them all year and new that they had grown and were doing all kinds of new things. He told Stella that he was so proud of her for learning to use the potty and Rhett that he was getting so good at walking and dancing around the house.
Stella was very impressed and excited about her letter.

This was a very good ending to a really rough day! Stella is having a very hard time of listening an doing what is asked of her at school and home. I told her teacher that she has to follow through on her threats, she has been telling Stella that if she does not listen she is going to have to go and sit in the office. Well, today Stella got sent to the office! Yes, I am the mom of a three year old that had to be sent to the office, I do not even want to think about what life has in store for me down the road. It did make me feel a little better that she was not hitting or hurting anyone just that her teacher had to make her understand that she meant business about not listening and doing as she asked of her.

I then had to go to Target after picking the kids up from school and new that this was going to be interesting just for the fact that they were both tired but was I in for a shock in how horrible Stella behaved! I do not think that I have ever been so embarrassed and wanted to pretend that I did not know my own child! (Yes, Stella I love you very much and would never trade you for anything but we have rough days like today. I just want you to know that when you are raising your family that not all days are beautiful roses, you have to work hard in that garden to get the roses.) I had the kids in a a cart that they both could be buckled into and Stella screamed the whole time and kicked the cart. I was so flustered that I could not even figure out why I was there and bought a bunch of stuff that I was not there for because I was just really flustered. I had one lady looking at me like I was the world's worst mother that did not know how to control her child and I just wanted to stick my tongue out at her!
The day did not get much better because both kids were so tired and did not take a nap! The Santa letters were wonderful because they turned a pretty rotten afternoon into a happy evening.