Friday, December 17, 2010


This morning we took the kids to see Santa. I love the Santa at our local mall because he looks like the real deal. He is also really great with the kids.I do not know who this child is because MY child has never been shy a day in her life!
It did not take long for her to perk up and give Mr. Clause her list of wants: A pillow pet, a reindeer, and a sister that can walk and talk. Santa should have fun with that list!
Then it was Rhett's turn to join her, he does not scream or cry, just sits their like a lump on the log, deer caught in your head lights look.

For some reason Stella thought she should count her teeth while sitting with Santa. Could not get her to take her hand out of her mouth.

Then we went outside for 3 seconds to let the kids play, any longer than that and we would have frozen to death!
Rhett did not want to play on any of the toys he wanted to dive into the water!
She is only smiling this cute because she is hiding a piece of chocolate behind her back.

Thought I might get a shot of them together but that is not going to happen, that requires way more skill than I have ever dreamed of having.


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