Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today was Stella's Christmas program at school. I do not know why but I get really nervous before we attend one of these. It probably has to do with the fact that my child LOVES to be the center of attention there for she does things to draw that attention her way such as lift her dress, dance all crazy, wave at everyone like she is Mrs. America, you know she acts like her father! I just say a big prayer before we attend and hope for the best. This year I was smart and put leggings under dress so that if she should lift it over her head it would not be as embarrassing. I have to say she did pretty good for the most part. She was a camel and walked out on stage just like she was suppose to and stood in her spot for the beginning but that center of stage was just calling her name and she had to creep on out there and be front and center so that when they sang those songs she could do her best twirls for everyone! At least the other parents laughed, I of course wanted to run and hide in a closet with a great big chocolate bar! This is Mr. Q being the star.

Stella the hot pink camel.
Yes, she finally realized that her daddy was there, could have cared less about mom, Daddy was the important one.
He got a double wave!
Got told to stand on her spot!
Oh the dancing and twirling begins!

Tired of being a camel, all that dancing and twirling were a lot of work
it was time for a nap!
one last smile for the crowd
and back to sleep we go!