Friday, December 24, 2010


It is Christmas Eve! The family has arrived, cookies have been baked (we won't talk about the ones that I tried to make, they are in the trash and we will be leaving the baking to others in the future.) The puzzle is out being put together, food is being prepared for the feast that we will have tomorrow. Life is good but most important is the reason that this evening is being celebrated, the birth of our savior. What a reason to celebrate and be with family. I do love my family and the memories that we make each year. Rhett getting some snuggle time with his Gigi, she does have a good lap to get some love in when you are tired.

Stella was getting things ready for Mr. Clause.

Papi was getting the turkey ready for the next day, yummy!
Santa we have some good stuff here waiting on you.

Hope you don't mind that Stella gave it a taste test for you.
This is what Rhett does when you are cooking, he wants to be in your arms to see what is going on, maybe he will be a cook and I will never have to cook again! I know, I know I live in a dream world. We hope that everyone is having a wonderful time with their loved ones, Merry Christmas.