Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I love these images but J is probably not going to love them. They are a look into what are nights are like around here. Jason rocks Rhett to sleep with a bottle while I am chasing a crazy little girl into her bed or sometimes it is the other way around. Normally we are both exhausted and ready for bed ourselves at this point. You can see how tired J is just by looking at his face but also see the love for his son. He is a very wonderful father to our two kids.
**This is just for me to remember because I am praying that I can just forget this whole potty training nightmare, that is what it is a nightmare. Stella woke up this morning and when I tried to get her on the potty she was majorly upset and started crying for her diapers and that she does not want to be a big girl. It really did break my heart and I almost just stopped the whole thing but remembered that I am the parent and this must happen. It was a fight all day long and no real success but I am just praying that things will get better.