Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today we had a play date with Jamie and Parker. Stella really loves my friend Jamie, she thinks that she hung the moon. She also really enjoys getting to play with Parker. Jamie and I had a good time highlighting her hair and getting to talk while the little ones ran around. Thanks Jamie and Parker for having us over. The kids catching a little toons while they grabbed some juice before heading back outside. It was a wonderful day and they loved getting to be free in the outdoors.
Rhett got to hang out by the windows and loved watching their dog Smokey run around.

The kids did come inside for a little while and played in Parker's big brothers room. I am sure that if he was home he would not have been thrilled with them but hey what he does not know won't hurt him!
Stella woke up from her nap and was not happy that we were no longer at Jamie and Parker's. I had one very upset little lady.
Not sure what happened during nap time but she woke up with some amazing bed head!