Monday, March 1, 2010



OK, I have to tell you that this just blows my mind. I can not believe that he is already six months old, how fast time goes. He is growing up into such a handsome little man, he brings such love and laughter to our lives. I can not imagine my days with out him, now my arms could handle a few moments of not holding his 22 pound body!
  • He is sitting up on his own, he wants to sit up if you put him on the ground. He loves toys that make a crinkle sound.
  • Rhett's hands are always in his mouth, he kind of sucks on his thumbs but more than anything he is chewing on them. His hands are raw from all the chewing and I am going to have to ask the Dr. on Thursday what do to help this out. I wish that he would do a passe but that is just not his thing.
  • I am pretty sure that he is working on some teeth but we have none yet.
  • Rhett is a mover, when he is on his tummy he can scoot all over our floors. I have a feeling that crawling is coming in my near future, not looking forward to two on the go.
  • He can roll over from tummy to back. He does not do this very often but he does do it. I think for the most part he just thinks it is to much work and is happy however we place him.
  • Rhett still loves his exocsaucer, spends a lot of time in it.
  • Rhett and Stella are starting to interact with one another more and more. He thinks that she is so funny, just laugh and laughs this deep belly laugh at pretty much everything she does. This warms my heart every day.
  • He talks to you all the time and lets you know what is up. I have a feeling my house is just going to get louder and louder.
  • Rhett has been having rice cereal for the past month but hates everything about it. He makes this gross gaging noise and face when you feed it to him. He drives for the spoon and really wants the food but once the cereal is in his mouth, he hates everything about it. We get to start him on veggies this week and I think he will like them much better.
  • Rhett still has very pretty red hair and I am pretty sure that it is going to stay that way. I love it!
  • Rhett still does not sleep through the night but he does sleep for about 7 hours at a time. This has gotten so much better from the three hour slots he was doing. He is still taking a morning nap and an afternoon nap.
  • Rhett is wearing 12-18 month clothing and some 18-24 month stuff.
  • Rhett is now in a new car seat, it is still rear facing but he was to big for the infant carrier that he was using.
There is so much more but I can not think of it right at this moment. Just know that each day that you are with us you are such a blessing, Mom, Dad and Stella love you very much.