Sunday, May 18, 2008

Playing outside

We went outside after Dad had mowed the yard. S thought it would be neat to show you all her new trick.

OK so you already know that she is good at looking cute.
Oh wait, we have to give Daddy a bad look he is yelling at Max.
Daddy you are so cute, I love you when you do not yell at my puppy.
Look at me world, see what I can do! I am standing all by myself.
Mommy you are in big trouble when I figures out how to move those legs.


Anonymous said...


Quit screaming at Max. You're upsetting Stella and we can't have that!

A very concerned GiGi!

Gracie said...

I'm not sure Stella knows upset... besides, clearly she had shopping already on her side as the best form of therapy! =)
Thank you Stella, for the very sweet card, I can tell who you got your penmanship gene from!

Lynn said...

Oh my word - she is so tall! I can't believe she is already standing up! You had better watch out, she is going to be in to everything! Have fun! I'm sure my turn will be here all too soon!