Saturday, December 31, 2011

What I have learned in 2011

I have learned and seen what comes with love and solid faith, these things can get you through the happiest of times and the roughest of times.

I have learned that there is nothing so time critical that I can not stop and play with my children for 5 minutes, these are the things that they are going to remember some day, pretty sure that they are never going to know that I had laundry in baskets to be folded or toilets might not be clean enough to drink from!

I can never say I love you too much, weather it be to my children, my husband or my family

My family is my everything and that is OK, some might think it is odd but for me it works and that is all that matters.

I have realized that thought my husbands jokes are horrible at times, they bring me laughter that brings tears to my eyes at other times, the really bad ones are worth the ones that bring me to tears. (Love ya babe!)

I have learned that I'm a better person with Jason by my side, when I want to go wild, be lazy, complain or fill sorry for myself he is there to step up and tell me the truth or just to listen, he makes me a better person each day.

I have learned that my husband is an amazing father, he may not do it all the way I do it and he may not do it on my schedule but that does not mean that he does not do it with all the love in his heart. My children are so blessed to have such an amazing father.

I have realized that my husband does not like to fold laundry, I have come to appreciate (with a little grumbling) baskets of clean clothing that just need to be folded and put away.

I have learned that some of the most important photos I will take are the days that we are just at home in our jammies doing nothing of important but spending some time with one another, these are moments that we will want to look back on, not just the birthday parties and Christmas trees though those are wonderful also.

I have learned not to let my children eat pop tarts in the living room, they are really hard to clean off the leather couch!

I have learned to stop and listen to my children, I mean really stop get down and listen to what they have to say, sometimes those little minds will remind you have the things that really matter. They have a faith that I find amazing.

I have learned to enjoy moments on the couch cuddling or holding a baby in my arms rocking before bed time because I know that in just a moment those children will no longer want to sit by me or let me hold them. I must cherish this right now.

I have learned to keep learning, some of the best teachers are a four year old and and two year old!

I have learned to cherish bath time, Daddy does bath time, this is my moment to take a deep breath and remember the good of the day or just go use the other restroom by myself with no one touching me, whatever I do in those five minutes while Daddy  is in charge I have learned to cherish.

I have learned that it is OK to do things that are going to be messy as long as they bring smiles to faces and joy to our hearts.

I have learned that it is OK for kids to run naked in the backyard, as Stella told me Adam and Eve did not need clothing then why does she?

I have learned that falling asleep at night with the man of my dreams by me, makes me one of the luckiest girls in the world.

I have learned that I may be up 15 times in the middle of the night with my children and exhausted that they are still going to be going strong the next day, always keep coffee in the house.

I have learned that I really am blessed each day with the greatest gifts a women could ask for, friends to laugh with, children to play with, a husband to love, and faith in a God that can do all things.

Here is to looking forward to all that 2012 has in store for us.