Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas the night before Christmas...

and my children were running through the house full of laughter and sugar! 
We had a very relaxing day at the lake house, just hanging out and being a family. That afternoon my grandparents, the kids great grandparents arrived and had dinner with us. The kids love getting to see Grandpa Sam and Grandma Mary, probably because they know that whatever I say no to Grandma Mary is still going to let them do it! Gigi is always wonderful about making memories that I know the kids are always going to look back on with such joy and happiness, she really is an amazing Gigi. Gigi and the kids made sugar cookies for Santa, well Gigi did not think about giving Rhett flour and what would happen, needless to say he is ALL boy and one giant mess! 

 What? I have something on my face, NO I do not!

 So here is a funny fact, my wonderful husband can not stand a mess, it just makes his skin crawl. So, every year as the kids and Gigi are making the cookies for Santa at some point it never fails that he steps in and takes over BUT it always turns into an even bigger mess!

 While the cookies were backing we left the kitchen for a few minutes and took baths! When the kids got done they decorated the finished cookies. Well, I should say Stella decorated and Rhett ate the cookies!
 UMMM, who gave the two year old a knife? NOT a good idea.

 We could not forget the reindeer, they have a very important job and we need to make sure they have some food to give them energy.

Needless to say the kids did finally make it to bed and Santa was able to get his jobs done. We are hoping that everyone had a wonderful Christmas Eve.