Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa is coming to town!

We went and meet up with Santa this evening to let him know what the kids would like for him to bring them for Christmas. Please excuse Stella's dirty tights and the drool all over Rhett's shirt, this is real life and how we live it these days you take what you can get and run with it. I was very happy that neither of the kids were scared of him this year, Stella did smile in one photo and Rhett pretty much looks stoned in all three! Oh some day he is going to love me for my comments on this blog! Stella did tell Santa that she would like a new Barbie and Rhett just said the word TRUCK over and over again! 

The kids did great while we were with Santa but after Santa it was a whole different ball game. We were that family dragging their children out of the mall screaming and crying! Stella did not take a nap today which equaled a melt down about wanting to stay and ride the car ride in the food court. Oh, the joys of parenting! I love my kids and am so proud to be there parent (well, when we are not having a melt down in the middle of the mall!)