Saturday, May 29, 2010


We took the kids to The City Museum today. I have to say it is one of the coolest places to take your kids. We did not even make it to half of the exhibits.
Stella loved this slide. It took some talking her into it but she liked. it.
The ceiling on the first floor was really cool.
It is so weird but Stella was very shy at first in the museum. She was very standoffish and not sure of what to do but once she got going she had a great time.
These are the caves that you can walk through.
Huge slides that you can run or slide down.
I loved these pieces of art that are the railings all over the place.

Stella looking at the turtles.

I finally got a couple of shots of my kids together of course they are not looking at the camera but they are both happy!

At the end, we found some of Jason's under wear hanging on the wall! I wonder how they got a hold of those!

This evening we went and ate at Cheesecake Factory and then took the kids to the pool. Stella doing her poise again in her new swimsuit.
This was Rhett's first time in the pool and he loved it!

OK, so my mother uses these Velcro rollers in her hair to give it volume. Well, Stella just thinks that they are the coolest thing ever and every night at the hotel would put them in her hair!