Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today was a very fun and kind of crazy day. Jason and my Dad took the kids to the Magic House Children's Museum while my mother and I were helping my Aunt get ready for my cousin's graduation party. Jason had a really good time up till the moment he LOST our daughter and had to have the director help him find her! I just really want it to be noted that I am not the one that lost our child.

Jason said that Stella loved this car and thought she was big stuff putting the gas in and her seat belt on.

We had so much fun decorating and celebrating Mallory's graduation. I can not tell you how excited that HER Mallory will be here next year. She thinks that Mallory is the most wonderful person in the world.

Is this picture not awesome, my friend Jamie did such a good job!

This is Morgan, my 16 year old cousin. I am putting her age so that all of my husband's single friends will not be asking if they can date her. NO, you can not go out with her even when she is of age.
Alex and Mallory, they have been best friends sense they were four years old in dance class! They are a little worried because they are going to be at different schools next year but that is probably the best thing because they can introduce each other to so many people.

Mallory and my Aunt Mel.
Rhett just hanging out watching everyone.
Ms. A was so wonderful to me and hung out with Stella all evening during the party. I think I probably owe her some money for babysitting but her mother told me that she probably owed Stella!