Saturday, May 8, 2010


Happy Birthday Connor! My friend Jamie had her son Connor's 6th birthday party at the park this year. It was so much, the kids got to play and the parents got to stand around and chat. I had to two kids that despite all the sugar were dead tired at the end of everything. Worked out really well for Jason who took them home while I went and ran around with my mom and aunt.

Connor, we hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Jamie thought she would be funny and snap a photo of me but I got her back!
Stella loves to go down the slides.
Parker, Connor's brother, and Stella chased each other all over the place. I have to say that the two of them play really good together. Jamie and I were prego with them at the same time and working together, it is really fun to see them growing up with each other.

Rhett was just "Mr. Cool" hanging out in his stroller.
Connor the birthday boy trying to break the pinata.
My little lefty giving it a go