Sunday, May 2, 2010


The park is the best place to go in the evening. Stella gets to run off some energy, I get some exercise, it is just a win win situation. We all love an evening at the park. Trying to get a photo of these two together is a nightmare. Stella pretty much has nothing to do with her brother.

The only photo that the two of them were looking in the same direction. Pretty sure Jason was standing on his head behind me to accomplish this greatness.
I have no idea were she would get this idea that when a camera is in her face she should stick out her tongue. I would never do this in a photo. Ha Ha

This photo pretty much sums up our life. Do you see the smile on her face, like "Yeah, I will give him a hug!" He is like "Mom, please no, get her away from me now!"

This photo is on here for two reason, 1) It cracks me up that he always has his feet like this, if he is sitting laying down, no matter what his feet are always crossed like this, 2) Look at those toe nails! Yikes, they need to be cut really bad, what a horrible mother I have become to let them get like that.